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Watch: ‘Silumaasi,’ Jay Kila’s Rambunctious Ode to Youth

The young rapper clashes with a relative on the new video for his latest single

Urvija Banerji Nov 08, 2017
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Relatives can be overbearing at the best of times–albeit well-meaning. When you’re a kid, you ultimately acquiesce to your aunt or uncle’s superfluous demands–eat one more mithai, stop watching so much TV, do your times tables for the thousandth time. But as you progress into adolescence, such intrusions become progressively more unbearable.

It is this very frustration that rapper Jay Kila attempts to capture in his new video, “Silumaasi,” in which a rebellious young man comes up against his intrusive aunt.

“As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed that the way a lot of my relatives treat me hasn’t really changed,” says the rapper. “I am still a kid in their eyes (I think I always will be) and so the song is meant to capture this idea.”

In the video, the song’s mischievous protagonist is busted by his aunt several times, but can’t seem to avoid her tendency for overfeeding visitors–despite his incessant protests: “Silumaasi, I already ate!”

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