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Watch: Singer-Songwriter Mohit Mukhi’s Idyllic New Video ‘Lucky Man’

The brand new single is off the musician’s upcoming second album ‘Midnight Lullabies’

David Britto Sep 14, 2017

Singer-songwriter Mohit Mukhi. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Earlier this year, Mumbai singer-songwriter Mohit Mukhi released his melancholic track, “Are We Where We Want To Be.” The song was the first single for Mukhi’s upcoming sophomore record Midnight Lullabies, which will follow 2016’s Running Shoes And A Thousand Dreams. The musician is now back with his second offering from the upcoming record, the poignant “Lucky Man.” “It also actually happens to share the title with one of my favorite songs by The Verve,” says Mukhi.

Although “Lucky Man” was written four years ago, the track didn’t make it onto Mukhi’s debut album. “I fell in and out of passion [with the song] a couple of times,” he says. The singer-songwriter mentions that he felt he needed to tweak the song a bit before finally being satisfied with it. “The arrangement has changed a little bit but the words and the melody hasn’t changed,” says Mukhi.

“Lucky Man” is accompanied by an idyllic lyric video. Mukhi, who has previously been involved in the creative process for his music videos for “Are We Where We Want To Be,” “Until We Fade” and “Maybe This Time (August),” decided to take a step back this time and leave it in the hands of New Delhi artist Shikhant Sablania. “I literally saw the video the night before it was released,” says Mukhi. The picturesque lyric video depicts scenic shots of New Delhi, blue skies and the beach while the lyrics flash across the screen. “It’s a pretty simple video, which is what the song needed,” says Mukhi.

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The singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Midnight Lullabies is slated for an October release and will feature six songs. The entire record was tracked at Mumbai producer Lima Yanger’s home studio and mastered by sound engineer Richard Francis. As opposed to his previous album, on which he worked alone and hired session musicians, Mukhi worked with English singer-songwriter Heather Andrews and keyboardist Rahul Wadhwani on the songs. “This process had a more organic approach,” he says.

The singer-songwriter also mentions that he is not as anxious for the album release as he was with Running Shoes And A Thousand Dreams. “I’ve been able to let go of a lot of things and I am a little stress-free somehow or the other,” he says.

Watch the lyric video for “Lucky Man” below: 

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