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Watch: Singer-Songwriter Vernon Noronha’s Rustic ‘Saving All My Love’ Video

The musician talks about being unromantic, how his sound has developed, upcoming projects and more

David Britto Dec 30, 2016
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Vernon Noronha. Photo: Courtesy of Crumpled Paper Sessions

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Vernon Noronha has had a very hectic 2016. He released his debut EP Closer To Home in February, shot his hit music video “Come Back Jack” and headed out on an extensive winter tour. Although he terms his music as relaxed or ”˜surf’, the laidback musician is certainly a hard worker. Noronha’s latest release is the peaceful and bliss “Saving All My Love.”

The song came about as an answer to his girlfriend’s qualms of Noronha not being romantic enough. Noronha, who calls himself as a non-romantic and secretive person says, “If I give out everything (love) at once, there is nothing left.” He adds, “Love can be saved and prolonged for a long time and can be given out at a time when it is needed the most.”

The video was shot by Mumbai-based videographer Ron Bezbaruah’s series Crumpled Paper Sessions in Pune just at sunrise, Noronha mentions that they chose a blue room (in the video), which lent a rustic feel. He says, “Ron wanted to capture my song as per the location, he didn’t want to shoot it at a bar.”

Noronha is known for his relaxed approach to music and can be likened to the sound of American singer-songwriter Jack Johnson. He mentions that when he first started writing, his music was all over the place. He says, “Now my sound has developed, you can identify me.”

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The singer-songwriter has also put out a video of an acoustic and mellow Christmas medley on his Facebook page last week. “I thought of this around four years back but somehow could not implement it, but this time I did.”


Vernon Noronha’s 2017 Calendar

If 2016 was frenzied for Noronha, 2017 already has more projects lined up for him. A collaboration with indie alternative musician Abeineth for a track titled “Dream Sandwich” is on the cards, along with music videos for his songs. The seasoned singer-songwriter is also known for his doodles and artwork which he is incorporating into a 2017 calendar. “Every month will have one lyric from my song ”˜I Have Time.’” Noronha is putting the calendar out digitally and may print out physical copies too. The musician is extending his winter tour to January and plans on performing in Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.



Watch “Saving All My Love” below:


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