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Watch: The Ska Vengers’s Studio Take For “Frank Brazil” Off Their New Album

Delhi ska/rocksteady band jam on a brand new track for their second album

Rolling Stone India Feb 05, 2014
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In August last year, The Ska Vengers told us about their second full-length album ”“ a 12-track release combining the Delhi ska/rocksteady band’s influences of funk, Afrobeat, Latin Jazz and reggae with their love for Bollywood composer SD Burman’s music. The band has now uploaded an excerpt from their new song “Frank Brazil,” which features a killer bass groove from Tony Guinard and a borrowed chorus from 1920s blues singer Bessie Smith’s “Send Me To The Electric Chair.”

“Frank Brazil” was written two weeks ago by the band at Katharas Studio with alt rock band Menwhopause’s drummer Paul Schneiter stepping in as the album producer. Keyboardist Stefan Kaye plans to add a string section to the song in Mumbai later this year.

Here’s a look at the lyrics of “Frank Brazil”:

India travel to Africa

Africa travel to America

America link the Gaddar Party

Try and do things far away from home

One day travel down to Germany

Italy, France and Switzerland

1934 I reach England

And get ready for assassination


Judge won’t you hear my plea

Before you open up the court

I don’t care if I spend 99 years in jail

Or you send me to the electric chair

Verse 2

Travel the heart of meifumado battle with some hardship

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Pan patrol stroll into my target

One question before we get started

You know what a one way ticket to the morgue is

Body bags stacked up in a cold storage

Crush my culture and said it was garbage

Now we’re ruled by the cruel rule of the free market

Ask some cracker grandpa what a cat o’ nine tail scar is

Verse 3

Under pressure – we combust

Brethren stay focused and conscious

But the board of directors so unjust

Feel the tension of my ancestors in my muscle fiber and now I’m ready to crush

Shot him with my 6 chamber

Zetland by his side

Down in Caxton

Where he wallowed down and died

Now I’m on my journey

To a Brixton prison cell

Tell your company that

I ain’t buying what they sell

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