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Watch Slipknot Scare With Eerie ‘Killpop’ Video

Percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan directs the latest video off ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’

Daniel Kreps Jun 09, 2015
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Slipknot have shared the unnerving new music video for their track “Killpop.” The video, directed by Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan, finds the band performing their latest .5: The Gray Chapter single in an abandoned, decrepit building haunted by face-painted twins and a goat. The video also features Crahan’s character beating a keg with a baseball bat.

Next month, Slipknot will embark on their Summer’s Last Stand tour accompanied by Lamb of God and Bullet for My Valentine. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Crahan promised that the band’s upcoming jaunt will be very different than the Prepare for Hell North American trek the group wrapped this spring.

“We blow a lot of stuff up. I wouldn’t know where to begin,” Crahan told Rolling Stone. “We’re reinventing ourselves a little bit. The world of rock & roll is real safe. You watch all these bands at these festivals and the decadence and the bullshit that goes on, the belief that you’re superhuman, and we’re just not that way. We’re just a force. We’re just bored with the way things have been and how safe the industry has gotten. We’ve been trying to get a little bit more dangerous lately and bring some of our stuff out from the past a little more.”

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Slipknot also previously tried (and thankfully failed) to have the smell of camel dung linger over their second annual Knotfest. However, the group does have some other surprises in store for their upcoming trek.

“Our stage show’s different. We’ve changed our lifts from electric to hydraulic, so now they move very dangerously, very quick, more machine-like,” Crahan said. “They’re very dangerous, very Slipknot. We had these electric lifts for a while and they were pretty slow. They’re beautiful, fine pieces of art, but they’re a different mindset. Now it’s basically on crack. So the stage show, our outfits, our set change and just our attitude. We try to bring something different for every tour. So it will definitely be a new mindset. “

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