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Watch Stephanie Poetri Embody Longing and Nostalgia in ‘Picture Myself’

The Indonesian artist returns to the spotlight four months after the release of the acoustic version of March 2021 album ‘AM: PM’

Divyansha Dongre Jan 13, 2022

Indonesian singer-songwriter Stephanie Poetri

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Admired for her euphonious vocals, Indonesian singer-songwriter and record producer Stephanie Poetri is back with an evocative single “Picture Myself.”

Produced by M-Phazes (who has collaborated with pop icons such as Madonna, Demi Lovato, Kehlani), “Picture Myself” ushers in a soulful acoustic guitar and soft synth melodies, evoking a strong sense of melancholy. Penned by Sarah Aarons, the track stems from Poetri’s experience with long-distance relationships and the confluence of emotions it evokes: “You moved out the West and I moved to the city / Made separate beds but I still hold you in my chest when things aren’t looking pretty.” 

Going by the unfiltered take on relationships and life, Poetri and Aarons seem to come from a place of maturity, explaining how distance introduces uncertainty and longing whilst being understanding about the whole situation—the latter giving the track an edge over past releases that have focused on similar thematic. Reflecting on the release, Poetri offers a deeper look into the track’s message,”It’s an acoustic rendition of what long-distance feels like and the constant wondering of whether it’s worth it or not,” the singer explains. “As someone who’s experienced a long-distance relationship, it feels like this song really captures the cycle of worrying and missing and confusion.” 

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A dream-like feeling, Poetri’s warm, breathy vocal performance blends with the track’s acoustic-pop composition, instantly reminding listeners why the vocalist should be on every big music fan’s radar. Intimate, honest and peppered with wistful lyrics that tug at your heartstrings, “Picture Myself” will make you feel sadder but wiser.

The music video is equally poignant with Poetri strolling through the streets of New York, visiting places and engaging in activities she once shared with her significant other. Dialing up her involvement in the project, the singer revealed that she’s sketched the cover art for her single. 

Signed under 88rising, Poetri rose to fame with her breakthrough hit “I Love You 3000.” The single, alongside the remixed version of the track which features global pop icon and GOT7 member Jackson Wang has currently amassed over 524 million streams.

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