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Watch Sting Perform With ‘The Last Ship’ Cast on ‘Corden’

The singer also discussed where he keeps all his awards

Emily Zemler Jan 28, 2020

Sting performing on 'The Late Late Show.'

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Sting took the stage with the cast of The Last Ship on The Late Late Show to perform the song of the same name from the hit musical. The show, which originated in the U.K. before moving to Broadway and opened at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles earlier this month, is an original musical with lyrics and music by Sting. For the late night performance, the musician played acoustic guitar and joined in on vocals with members of the cast.

During his appearance, Sting also joined Corden to discuss how he’s won 17 Grammys during his career. When asked where he keeps them, Sting replied, “In a very discreet place.” He added, “They’re somewhere in my house in England. They’re in a nice room… You have to go and look for them.” He also admitted that he polishes them “now and then.”

The Last Ship, which is inspired by Sting’s 1991 album The Soul Cages, is currently playing in Los Angeles at the Ahmanson Theater and continues through February 16th. Tickets are available now. The musical closed on Broadway in 2015 after 105 performances.

“I was writing songs for other characters than me, other sensibilities than mine, a different viewpoint,” Sting told the New York Times a few years ago about how The Last Ship morphed from a conventional album into a blueprint for a musical. “And so all of that pent-up stuff, all of those crafts I’d developed as a songwriter, I was suddenly free to explore without much thinking, actually. It just kind of came out as a kind of Tourette’s, a kind of projectile vomiting. It just came out, very quickly.”

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