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Watch Stone Temple Pilots’ Blistering Live Debut With New Singer

Band performed “Still Remains,” new single “Meadow” with vocalist Jeff Gutt during SiriusXM show at L.A.’s Troubadour

Ryan Reed Nov 21, 2017

Stone Temple Pilots perform their "Still Remains" and new single "Meadow" in live videos documenting their debut concert with new singer Jeff Gutt

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Stone Temple Pilots performed with new singer Jeff Gutt at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on November 14th. The two live videos, via SiriusXM, mark the band’s first live shows since original lead singer Scott Weiland died from an accidental drug overdose in December 2015.

In the first clip, the Pilots rip through a blistering version of “Still Remains,” a psychedelic highlight from their second LP, 1994’s Purple. Gutt showcased his rasp and range on the track, belting toward the top of his chest voice on the dreamy chorus.

The second clip features an exuberant take on “Meadow,” the band’s first single with Gutt, which Rolling Stone premiered last week. The singer briefly launched into a falsetto, grabbing the microphone with the intensity of his late predecessor.

After Weiland’s death, the remaining members of Stone Temple Pilots ”“ bassist Robert DeLeo, guitarist Dean DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz ”“ began a year-long search for a new singer. The band had over 15,000 submissions and hosted 50 auditions before hiring Gutt, a former member of nu-metal act Dry Cell and a recent contestant on The X Factor.


“Mr. Weiland paved quite a way,” Dean DeLeo told Rolling Stone. “Because not just anybody can sing this catalog. You need someone who really knows how to sing. And Jeff kind of has it all, man. He has that baritone, and he’s also able to get into that tenor world. He’s a real singer.”

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Stone Temple Pilots recently finished recording their seventh full-length album, which is due out in spring 2018.

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