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Watch Stray Kids’ Intense Video for ‘God’s Menu’

The South Korean group made a comeback today with their first studio album ‘GO Live’

Riddhi Chakraborty Jun 17, 2020

South Korean group Stray Kids made a big comeback today with the release of their first studio album GO生 (Go Live.) Led by the single “God’s Menu,” the LP is the follow-up to the group’s highly successful 2019 EP Clé: Levanter.

Composed, written and produced by the group’s celebrated production trio 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han), “God’s Menu” is about Stray Kids flexing their originality and energy, using the metaphor for fine dining to compare their music to delicious food. “We just keep on making new things/Because we’re one of a kind/No one can copy us, our own game/From the start, it’s all ours/Even if you go away for a moment/You will look for it again/Hottest menus that will never cool off/Imprint those flavors on your palate.” Built to the hip-hop group’s strengths, “God’s Menu” plays with hip-hop, bass-heavy trap and synth.

The chorus also uses a powerful onomatopoeic play on gun shots with a repeat of “du du du du du” to match the actual sounds of gunshots in the track and drive in the impact of the group’s energy. In a particularly stand-out moment, rapper Felix takes the bridge with his impossibly deep voice and minimal 808 to hair-raising effect.

The video features the eight members dressed as chefs, race car drivers and scientists as they discuss formulating the path to victory. Stray Kids’ choreography in “God’s Menu” alternates between sharp and quick at the chorus and slow, undulating during the verses and bridge.

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