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Watch Swadesi, Irish Singer-Producer Cian Finn and France’s LMK Jam on ‘Love Life’

The Mumbai hip-hop crew, who just released their new album ‘Chetavni,’ recorded the collaboration for web video series Sounds of Society

Anurag Tagat Feb 24, 2020

Swadesi's MCs Mawali, Maharya and Tod Fod with Cian Finn and LMK in a still from the video 'Love Life.' (from left)

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Early on in the seven-minute jam between Irish singer-producer Cian Finn, Mumbai hip-hop group Swadesi and French singer Eve-Line Lamarca aka LMK, Finn is heard singing, “The system that we live in is cruel and badly treats the disadvantaged, unfortunate and the weak/No love for the meek.” Swadesi’s MCs Tod Fod, Mawali and Maharya are seen nodding in approval.

It’s about as good an indicator as any about how well their collaboration went off, shot and recorded for the second season of web series Sounds of Society. Put together by music management company Urban Beat Project and Society Tea, the video sees the artists seated by the setting sun and the water in Corgao, Goa. While Finn and LMK add warm English vocals, borrowing from dub and reggae, Swadesi take turns rapping in between – Tod Fod sings wistfully in Hindi about unity and making the world a better place, Maharya brings in social injustices and Mawali weaves in Sanskrit and Hindi for his distinctively verbose and philosophical take on things.

Sounds of Society, which premiered its first season in 2016 and carried forward collaborative video releases in early 2019, is slated to release more throughout the year. Intended as a “genre-free, no rules and all-inclusive” project, Sounds of Society has so far included artists such as DJ Uri, harpist Nush Lewis, vocalist Chandana Bala, Delhi Sultanate and more. Watch the episodes here.

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Watch the video for “Love Life” below.

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