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Watch Taemin’s Sensuous Video for ‘Want’

The South Korean singer made a big comeback today with his second solo EP

Riddhi Chakraborty Feb 11, 2019

Taemin balances sinister and sexual with absolute ease in the video for 'Want.'

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South Korean singer and dancer Taemin made his long-awaited comeback today with his second EP Want and has also dropped a captivating music video for its lead single of the same name.

The seven-track release follows Taemin’s solo self-titled 2018 Japanese LP, and is his first Korean solo release since his 2017 sophomore studio album Move.

In the video for “Want,” the SHINee member shows off his impeccable dance skills amid futuristic, dream-like locations. With black snakes crawling over him in some scenes, scantily clad background dancers (some in leather harnesses) surrounding him and steady eye-contact with the camera, Taemin balances sinister and sexual with absolute ease.

Lyrically, Taemin teases listeners by stating he is irresistible, the ultimate object of temptation that will leave them wanting more: “Will leave you wanting more/thirsting for more/…making you fall for me with no limit.” He further seems to urge listeners towards a sexual awakening, with him as the guide: “Open your eyes, listen to your sound/What do you want?/I’ll make you realize/What you never knew.”

Built of thrumming bass and flooded with dark synthpop, “Want” follows in the footsteps of Taemin’s 2017 release “Move” to further build on a darker soundscape for him as a solo artist versus when he makes music with his band SHINee. The track was written by SM Entertainment’s veteran songwriter Kenzie and produced by Norwegian-Irish artist Tooji and Norwegian production company Dsign Music.

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