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Watch Teenaged Shillong Rapper Reble Throw Down on Second Single ‘Believe’

The uplifting track is produced by D-Mon aka Lamonte Pakyntein from hip-hop group Khasi Bloodz

Anurag Tagat Oct 31, 2019
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Daiaphi Lamare aka Reble is 17 years old and out with her second single, but she started rapping in 2012, when she was just aged 10. “I was always influenced by music since I was five years old,” she says.

While she made her rap debut on record earlier this year with the release of “BAD” – produced by beatsmith D-Mon aka Lamonte Pakyntein from Shillong group Khasi Bloodz – her second single “Believe” continues the autobiographical, heart-to-heart lyrics. Influenced by everyone from Eminem to J. Cole and Andre 3000, Reble says, “Hip-hop gave me an identity.” She adds that “BAD” addresses “family problems” and how growing up in a “dysfunctional family” gave her reason to rap. She adds, “I was able to come up with ‘BAD’ all thanks to D-Mon and the whole crew at [Shilong production house] Mix And Flow Productions. They have supported and corrected me regardless of my flaws and this is why I will always remain true to them.”

On “Believe,” Reble raps about how she’s “not a clone/I’m a hybrid of the illest” and about sticking to her vision, with unwavering passion and faith. All praise for her producer D-Mon in mentoring and influencing young talent in Shillong, Reble says she wants to put Shillong on the map. She adds, “I want to put female rap on the map and show people that girls can be as lyrically talented as the male rappers.”

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Watch the video for “Believe” below.

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