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Watch THE BOYZ Defy Death in ‘Maverick’

The survival-themed single leads the group’s third single album of the same title

Divyansha Dongre Nov 01, 2021
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With Squid Game and Alice In Borderland making waves in the global pop culture scene, K-pop group THE BOYZ tap into the exhilarating world of survival games with their latest release, “Maverick.”

In the survival genre, we’ve seen participants of said games test their limits when faced with some of the toughest challenges (these usually involve bloodshed and massacre.) While some elements of this genre are preserved in “Maverick,” THE BOYZ take a slightly different approach in their alternate universe. Focused on becoming the best versions of themselves, the survival game (named Maverick Game) builds its foundation on one directive– there are no rules. To survive, players must tap into their individuality and refrain from seeking vengeance.

Characterized by hip-hop beats with trap-synth, “Maverick” is the group’s declaration of becoming the best version of themselves. It is close to the modern-era equivalent of an anthem one would expect to be played upon a king’s arrival. With “Maverick,” it is clear that the South Korean group are ready to hone their individuality, ultimately paving their way to a promising future; “Don’t be a chaser/ Take over city of night/ I’m a, I’m a, I’m a Maverick.”

Dressed in all black, the members are seen taking up various challenges in the music video. Though the exact nature of these tasks is not clear, the members look determined and headstrong to hit the bullseye on every challenge. Amplifying the booming soundscape, THE BOYZ match the up-tempo composition with powerful choreographed moves, displaying the group’s well-rounded approach to their work. 

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The music video also sees the members wearing an electronic neck collar with the word ‘Maverick’ flickering on its screen. To the fans of the Japanese Netflix drama, Alice In Borderland, this is an instant reminder of the neck collars Arisu and friends wore in the third episode of the global hit show. Within the context of the music video, this frame reflects on the player’s task of becoming an independent-minded person. 

Leading the group’s third single album, Maverick, THE BOYZ make their first comeback after their August 2021 EP, THRILL-ING. Their latest release is further enhanced by two additional tracks, “Hypnotized” and “Russian Roulette.”

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