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Watch: “Traces Of You” By Anoushka Shankar Featuring Norah Jones

Directed by filmmaker Joe Wright, the title track of Shankar’s seventh studio album is one of her most poignant compositions yet

Rolling Stone India Oct 10, 2013
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This collaboration has been long anticipated ever since sitar star Anoushka Shankar and the Grammy-winning vocalist Norah Jones, Shankar’s half-sister, featured together for the first time in 2007 on Shankar’s album Breathing Under Water. Shankar’s latest album Traces Of You that released last week brings them both back together on three tracks, including the title track. The video for the title track, directed by Shankar’s filmmaker husband Joe Wright, uses mirror images and lingering shots that are reminiscent of Indian films of the Eighties in both tone and mood. The track written by Anoushka and composer Nitin Sawhney refers to the recently deceased sitar legend Ravi Shankar. Jones’s vocals work the song like a velvet ballad and Anoushka plays with feeling, drawing out the notes on her sitar, showing us a glimpse of her father, who seems to be the biggest inspiration for the 13-track album. Also seen in the video are renowned tabla player Tanmoy Bose and Sawhney playing the ukulele and the bass. “Traces Of You” is one of the finest pieces of fusion music we’ve heard lately and we’re sure that the rest of the album is as inspired. 

Watch “Traces Of You” here


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