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Watch TXT Go Dark in the Sinister Video for ‘Puma’

The South Korean quintet deliver a heady blend of bass-heavy trap and alt-R&B on this intense coming-of-age track

Riddhi Chakraborty Jun 03, 2020

In the video for "Puma," TXT channel utter confidence, seduction and danger as they gaze into the camera.

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South Korean group TXT debuted a thrilling new vibe today with the release of their second single “Puma” from their latest EP The Dream Chapter: Eternity. The track sees the five members step away from their familiar uplifting synth-pop and saucy hip-hop to show off a darker, sexier slow trap side that veers into sinister territory.

In the video for “Puma,” TXT channel utter confidence, seduction and danger as they gaze into the camera with no hesitation. Their choreography is bold and mirrors the moves a ferocious cat might make, alluding to the title of the song. All the members don leather, black nail polish, piercings and leopard print–a much edgier version of themselves and a far cry from the bright, summery looks of their debut “Crown” but does expand on the themes from their 2020 lead single “Can’t You See Me.” The video alternates clips of the quintet performing their choreography in a dark cave and solo shots of each member chained up or caged in some way, before they finally break free at the end through sheer strength and willpower.

A heady blend of bass-heavy trap and alt-R&B, “Puma” is a coming-of-age track that borders on harrowing with its intense lyrics. It revolves around the pressure of stardom and being a young person in the brutal Internet-obsessed era we live in, where any public figure is subject to being hunted down the moment they make a mistake. Main rapper Yeonjun makes a stand-out impression as he says, “I told ya/Still too young to stand alone/This world is a jungle full of warriors/Cho Joon-kyung aims at your neck/Thousands of eyes access the Internet/Be careful, your enemy spreads in no time/How long does it take to reach my dream/In that question, only gunshots spread every time/I run up again to keep breathing.”

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It’s a powerful statement for a group just over a year old to make, and frankly quite unforgettable–a testament to TXT’s evolution as artists as well as their ability to accurately represent Gen-Z with all it’s complexities. Last month, the group dropped their third EP The Dream Chapter: Eternity, which leader Soobin described at a press conference as one of their most complex and diverse releases, stating, “The way the albums unfold shows a wide range because we work on them based on the stories and topics we want to talk about.”

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