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Watch TXT Roam a Vibrant Dreamscape in ‘Blue Hour’ Music Video

The South Korean group return with their third EP, ‘Minisode1: Blue Hour’

Riddhi Chakraborty Oct 26, 2020
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South Korean group Tomorrow X Together aka TXT made a comeback today with their third EP, Minisode1: Blue Hour. The record is led by the single “Blue Hour” which is accompanied by a fantastical new music video.

2020’s fascination with disco pop continues in “Blue Hour” as TXT dive into funky four-on-the-floor beats and groovy bass. The quintet stick to vocals for this track, keeping a smooth flow throughout with soft, breezy electric guitar-led bridges and bass-flooded dance break-worthy segments. Produced by BTS’ longtime-collaborator Slow Rabbit and Big Hit Entertainment founder Bang PD, “Blue Hour” is a refreshing introduction to TXT’s new era with Minisode1: Blue Hour. The lyrics revolve around the desire to revisit beautiful past memories via one’s imagination as the group sings, “You and me of 5:53, we’re beautiful/ Cuz of imagination/ Before the orange glowing magic in that sky comes to an end/ Cuz of imagination/ In that instant/ Can you feel the rush/ Freeze this moment/ I wanna stay/ In the boundary between the two worlds.”

The music video sees the five members roam a gorgeous dreamscape of pastel clouds, wide green meadows and a bright carousel floating in the skies. TXT celebrate their friendship and togetherness as they perform cheerful choreography in these stunning backdrops–there are also Easter eggs referencing some of the group’s previous work, especially in the choreography. The music video also has a tinge of nostalgia and ends on a bittersweet note as the sun sets and the lights on the bright carousel go off. Vocalist Beomgyu is left alone at the end and the audience is left to wonder if the entire clip was indeed a figment of his imagination or a collection of precious memories with his friends.

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According to a press release from Big Hit Entertainment, Minisode1: Blue Hour will “close off [TXT’s] Dream Chapter series to move forwards into a new journey.” The five-track EP has seen most of the members of the group participate in songwriting and, according to vocalist Taehyun, was born of what they were feeling during the global pandemic. “‘We Lost the Summer’ portrays the COVID-19 situation,” he said about one of the tracks from the record in a press conference earlier today. “It’s a story about teens who cannot go to school and are living in a completely different world.”

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