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Watch TXT’s Haunting New Video ‘Can’t You See Me’

The South Korean group get darker on their latest EP ‘The Dream Chapter: Eternity’

Riddhi Chakraborty May 18, 2020
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South Korean group TOMORROW X TOGETHER aka TXT made their big comeback today with the album The Dream Chapter: Eternity led by the single “Can’t You See Me.” The single was also accompanied by a dark and haunting music video revolving around the storyline of friendship the members began with their debut EP The Dream Chapter: Star.

The video for “Can’t You See Me” sees the group take on a darker avatar than before, expanding on the story of friendship portrayed in their previous releases but with a focus on the sorrow that friendship–like any other relationship–can deliver. Happy scenes of the five members spending time with each other are intercut with cuts to clips of the boys crushing red fruits and vegetables, their clothes, hands and the walls drenched in spatters of the color–an allusion to blood as well as arguments within the group, the crumbling of their relationship. The video also includes scenes of the members performing choreography in front of a burning house–the same one that they were previously spending a lot of their happy times together in, signifying the end of their youthful, happy-go-lucky times. They will need to face the conflicts within the group like adults to repair or rebuild the relationship.

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In terms of its lyricism, “Can’t You See Me” is a heartbreaking narration of the desperation one feels when a friend doesn’t understand them anymore, the pain of that relationship becoming colder and more distant. Friendships ending are a part of growing up as we evolve as humans but no less traumatic, with lyrics like, “Can’t you hear it? My voice searching for you/Once again I’m left alone/Save me/Can’t you see me?/Like on that magical day say ‘Believe me’/My heart incinerated/Come and feel me/Feel me… My friends don’t understand me anymore.” There’s a sense of betrayal and loss but also a plea for that time in their lives to return, for that friend to come back so that the complications end. During a press showcase earlier today, TXT explained about the track, “The song is about the loneliness caused by a crack between friends after a magical moment ends. You will be able to feel the boy’s mixed feelings of resent and hopefulness that his friend will save him. You can also feel a dark and gloomy atmosphere that’s just like the boy’s confused heart.”

The Dream Chapter: Eternity as an album dives deeper into exploring not just friendship, but the relationship with oneself and the darker side of growing up as an individual begins to hone their identity. The EP is the follow-up to TXT’s 2019 hit releases The Dream Chapter: Star and The Dream Chapter: Magic. Leader Soobin hinted that Eternity may not spell the end of the group’s Dream Chapter series, explaining, “The way the albums unfold shows a wide range because we work on them based on the stories and topics we want to talk about. I can’t say that this is the last of the The Dream Chapter series. I hope the public will also think about what our next album will be like.”

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