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Watch Vasu Dixit Press Pause on Heartfelt New Song ‘Ruk Ja’

The Hindi track from the Bengaluru folk rocker and Swarathma frontman has a calming music video shot at home

rsiwebadmin Apr 12, 2020

Bengaluru musician Vasu Dixit.

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Understandably, an outgoing, livewire musician like Vasu Dixit – solo folk artist and singer-guitarist for Bengaluru folk rock band Swarathma – isn’t just going to sit at home quiet. While he did the obvious thing by taking up an Instagram live performance, he also started recording acoustic video performances of his own songs, dubbing them the Quarantine Sessions.

As the days wore on, Dixit got even more creative in his distinctively quirky way. With help from wife and fellow vocalist Bindhumalini, he fashioned a string instrument out of rubber bands and Tupperware to start a kitchen jam. The first Quarantine Session performance of “Neelamegha” was in his living room, with elegant lighting. But for “Phokat” – the Hindi version of his Kannada song “Puksatte Life” – Dixit sat down on the commode, possibly in favor for that natural bathroom reverb. Bindhumalini and Dixit even created a new web series over on Instagram called Gyan Mandali, which is a laugh riot.

Now, his next move is releasing a new song called “Ruk Ja,” featuring a video shot in his living room in Bengaluru. In his calming but convincing lilt, Dixit talks about the importance of pausing and taking a breather every once in a while. With a national lockdown and global pandemic slowing everything down, the artist’s advice is only apt. In addition to a charming kazoo section, Dixit strums his guitar and sings, “Ab fursato mein hi maza hai (It’s time to catch your breath, in stillness let’s seek the thrill).” Dixit is aided by lyrics from Nirmika Singh (also executive editor at Rolling Stone India), keys and mix-master from Abhilash Lakra (winner of the 2016 edition of songwriting competition Parx Anthem Hunt) and video editing by Sandeep S.

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Previously, Dixit’s self-reflective tunes like the Kannada song “Naanalla” have also stressed on the value of oneself and how greed can get in the way. We’re likely to see more material from Dixit in the coming weeks. As he notes in his kitchen jam post, “Make music whenever possible!”

Watch the video for “Ruk Ja” below. 

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