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Watch Weezer Drummer Pat Wilson’s Mid-Song Frisbee Catch

The epic nab took place on the band’s recent Florida gig

Ryan Reed Jun 09, 2014


If Weezer drummer Pat Wilson hadn’t already earned your respect with his face-melting kick drum blast in “Tired of Sex,” he’s delivered further proof of his greatness ”“ an epic, mid-song frisbee catch.

The glorious stage moment happened on June 6th during the band’s gig in St. Augustine, Florida. As the alt-rock mainstays riffed their way through the 2005 hit “Beverly Hills,” a fan tossed the frisbee onstage ”“ directly toward Wilson’s head. No sweat for the drummer, who makes a crafty nab, drums one-handed for a few seconds and places the yellow flying disc in his teeth to a score of crowd roars.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo wasn’t able to witness the catch in real-time, but he did acknowledge his bandmate’s limber grab after the fact, re-tweeting a fan’s crowd-shot Instagram clip. “One more reason @patrick_wilson is my favorite drummer in the world :),” he wrote. Later on, the band celebrated the catch once more by posting a drum cam video of the nab on Facebook.

Weezer’s last album of original material, Hurley, was released in 2010, but the quartet have recently been recording a new LP with the Cars’ Ric Ocasek (who produced both 1994’s Blue Album and 2001’s Green Album). Back in February, the band debuted a new song, “Back to the Shack,” on their Weezer Cruise; that track even name-checked Cuomo’s frisbee-catching friend. In March, the group began previewing the new LP with a series of cryptic in-studio teasers, the first of which featured snippets of what seems to be new music.

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The band will be celebrating their breakout Blue Album this September with a full LP performance at the Chicago edition of the 2014 Riot Fest.