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Watch WINNER’s Bright and Quirky Video for ‘Millions’

The South Korean boy group make a colorful comeback with a brand new single

Riddhi Chakraborty Dec 19, 2018

WINNER's "Millions" manages to set itself apart with a younger and more playful feel thanks to its relaxed, cheerful sonic atmosphere.

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South Korean group WINNER made their much anticipated second comeback of the year today with the single “Millions.” The track is accompanied by a colorful and quirky music video that highlights each of the four members’ personalities. “Millions” is the follow-up to WINNER’s highly successful sophomore studio LP EVERYD4Y  which released in April of this year.  The hashtag #MILLIONS4WINNER began trending worldwide on Twitter soon after the song dropped at 2:30 pm IST.

“Millions” talks about having a million reasons to love someone; “You ask me how much I like you?/ I’ll put a number to all the colors in this world.” It’s more of a summer single with its tropical pop flavor and dashes of Eighties snare, but the band have their reasons for releasing it this time of year. As reported by Soompi, WINNER’s leader Yoon stated at a press conference earlier today, “It is a cheerful and exciting song, so we wondered if it would suit winter, but there is Christmas in December and there are many exciting songs during the holidays. With that kind of vibe, we thought it would be good to give a warm feeling at the end of the year in winter, so we are releasing it with confidence.”

The video for “Millions” begins with the four members Yoon, Hoony, Mino and Jinu getting ready for a night out together. It then transitions to a clip of rapper Mino walking into a small but colorful room showcasing his artwork before his bandmates join him and proceed to walk through a series of different bright sets together. The clip finally ends with WINNER partying with a room full of women–echoing the feeling of their April 2018 video for “Everyday.”

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Stand-out moments include the band dressed in white and performing in front of a blue sky backdrop–very Nineties–and their hilarious facial expressions throughout. While the sound features throwbacks to  WINNER’s 2017 single “Really Really,” “Millions” manages to set itself apart with a younger and more playful feel thanks to its relaxed, cheerful sonic atmosphere. The members seem unafraid of letting go of their sophisticated avatars and readily embrace goofier versions of themselves. “Whenever we come back, we are getting older, but we feel that the our music is getting younger, so we are very satisfied,” explained Yoon about the band’s mindset while making the track.

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