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Watch WINNER’s Goofy, Endearing Video For ‘Hold’

The four members play overprotective brothers who attempt to foil their little sister’s date

Riddhi Chakraborty Mar 26, 2020

Vocalist Lee Suhyun, WINNER's labelmate at YG Entertainment and one half of sibling duo AKMU, stars in the video as their (rightfully) annoyed sister.

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South Korean group WINNER endeavor to lift everyone’s spirits with the hilarious new video for their track “Hold.” The four members play the role of overprotective brothers, attempting to foil their little sister’s date with her boyfriend whom they consider unworthy. Vocalist Lee Suhyun, the group’s labelmate at YG Entertainment and one half of sibling duo AKMU, stars in the video as their (rightfully) annoyed sister.

The clip for “Hold” begins with the five ‘siblings’ relaxing at home before the brothers notice Suhyun smiling over a few texts. Curious to find out who she is talking to, WINNER attempt several [failed] methods to obtain her phone, before finally sneaking up on her to grab it. They read her messages and proceed to make fun of her sibling-style, but things get serious when her date is due to arrive; the brothers first go through and reject various costumed suitors–played by WINNER themselves to hilarious results– increasingly horrified by the prospects (watch out for the not-so-subtle nod to 2019 Oscar-winning Korean film Parasite.) When a decent guy who seems to indeed be their sister’s boyfriend arrives, they reluctantly let him into the house–adding a few threats for good measure. They keep a close eye on the young couple, finally barging into their sister’s room to burst the romantic bubble right as the two are about to kiss. The four brothers then break into a psychedelic dance number, embarrassing their sister and successfully scaring away her date.

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“Hold” is a cheerful blend of upbeat pop and trap with touches of brass over the chorus to add a feeling of celebration and joy. The lyrics are a little more romantic, as the narrator playfully urges a woman to finally accept him as a steady boyfriend: “An expression I can’t decipher/I freeze up when I see it/Waiting endlessly for your response/I might turn into a plastic figure… Let me know/Don’t think too hard/Up to you/Even if you’re shy, don’t hold back.”

Written by WINNER’s main rapper Mino and co-composed by him and YG labelmate and producer R.Tee, “Hold” is the first single off the group’s upcoming record in April and a follow-up to their 2019 EP Cross.

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