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Watch WOODZ’s Dark and Frantic Video for ‘Waiting’

The track is the lead single off the South Korean singer and producer’s new EP, ‘Only Lovers Left’

Riddhi Chakraborty Oct 05, 2021
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South Korean singer-songwriter and producer WOODZ–also known as Cho Seungyoun– is back with his latest record, Only Lovers Left. The record is led by the single “Waiting” and accompanied by a dark and dramatic music video. The release is WOODZ’s second comeback of the year, following March’s single album, Set.

Produced and written by WOODZ, “Waiting” is deceptively upbeat at first thanks to its acoustic guitar-led chorus and funk-tinged bass, but darkness seeps in with rock-influenced electric riffs thrown in. The singer shows off his vocal range with breathy verses and smooth runs to complement the drama of the chorus as he pleads, “Why you make me crazy, Why you make me bleed yeah.” The track outlines the story of a desperate, obsessive love that he cannot break free from, pointing out the toxic nature of the relationship as he says, “Don’t make me a villain/ You’re the breaker/ Our love is filled with the poison/ The way I look at you/ Is only filled with jealousy.”

The music video conveys the desperation of the situation, filled with fast-paced sequences of a frantic WOODZ trapped in an apartment, seeking a way to escape. He comes across a darkroom filled with strange photographs and panics further, almost dizzy with fear. A mysterious woman also roams the hallways of the building and seems to be stalking him as he attempts to hide from her. When he finally does manage to leave the apartment and goes off-camera, a gunshot rings and brings the clip to an end, leaving us at a cliffhanger. It almost plays out like a cinematic thriller with plenty of twists and turns, much like the 2020 music video for WOODZ’s hit single “Love Me Harder.”

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“Waiting” is one of two title tracks from Only Lovers Left, the second being “Kiss of fire,” a smooth synth-R&B track with groovy bass and WOODZ’s signature style of grimy electric guitar. In addition to the aforementioned titles, Only Lovers Left comprises a total of six songs: “Multiply,” “Thinkin bout you,” “Sour candy,” and “Chaser.”

Stream ‘Only Lovers Left’ below:

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