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Watch: World Music Act SubraMania Shine on ‘Days In The Sun’

The sibling duo makes their video debut with a tribute to jazz musician George Duke

Nabeela Shaikh Dec 29, 2015
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SubraMania. Photo: Samarth Upadhya.

On their debut release “Days of the Sun”, the sibling duo SubraMania [comprising vocalist Bindu and violinist Ambi Subramaniam, also progeny of violin virtuoso Dr. L. Subramaniam] sees Ambi craft melancholic melodies and Carnatic-inspired violin passages as they mourn the loss of a late friend and musician.

The song””which is a tribute to their father’s late collaborator and acclaimed jazz musician George Duke””was born out of the news of Duke’s passing in 2013. Says Bindu, “’Days in the Sun’ is a song about loss and longing; it’s not typically what one would think of as a first release because it’s not peppy or up-tempo but it felt true for us.”

“Days in the Sun” was shot in the village of Hampi, Karnataka, and follows the siblings through the sand-struck structures of the sprawling heritage site, along with guest musicians [guitarist Alwyn Fernandes, percussionist Karthik Mani, bass player Prakash and Bharat on keyboard].

Although SubraMania already has a concertful of material which they perform regularly with their live setup of guest musicians, their next video is slated for release only later next year; after taking off to New York for the shoot in February.

Watch “Days in the Sun” below.

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