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Watch YodaDrunk’s Saccharine Electro-Pop Offering ‘Sweetheart’

The drummer-composer and singer is also conducting livestreams and fan interactions to raise funds for suicide prevention

Anurag Tagat Jun 27, 2020

YodaDrunk aka Yohan Marshall (top) has released his new song "Sweetheart." Photos: Courtesy of the artist

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Mumbai/Ahmedabad Yohan Marshall aka YodaDrunk – also part of prog band The Family Cheese – teamed up with producer Nirmit Shah and vocalist Amibika Nayak (both part of electronic duo Nothing Anonymous) for his latest single “Sweetheart.” The glitchy beat attack is juxtaposed with Marshall’s distinct croon and synthesized vocal harmonies, but the composer-drummer is talking about a serious matter.

He says in a statement, “’Sweetheart’ talks about the feeling of abandonment, of people laughing off their problems while hurting inside. [It] is a reflection of a love-hate relationship between a vulnerable person and the world as he/she comes to experience it.” Going beyond just releasing the track and a music video – created by Yazad Anklesaria and Gorkey Patwal, starring Prabal Panjabi and Kaveri Seth – Marshall also teamed up with his mother, who runs a non-profit organization called Saath. Fully aware of the “effects of depression and the feelings of vulnerability” which an individual faces, more so during the current lockdown, Marshall adds, “I’m tying together two projects close to my heart.”

Ahead of the launch of “Sweetheart,” Marshall had already raised Rs 25,000 for Saath, with the total going well over Rs 40,000 within a month of the release. “The initiative will continue till July 31st,” Marshall says.

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With YodaDrunk, Marshall has so far released three singles – “Heat of the Day” in 2019, “Tilt” in January this year and “Sweetheart.” The songs will be part of his upcoming EP Maya the Illusion.

Watch the video for “Sweetheart” below. Stream on more platforms here. Be a part of YodaDrunk and Saath’s Fundraiser via Lemonade.

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