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Watch Your Chin’s Trippy Video for New Song ‘Luv Important’

The Mumbai-based producer-singer’s latest offering follows the melodic ‘Horticulturist’ from earlier this year

David Britto Nov 22, 2019

Mumbai producer-singer Your Chin. Photo: Naman Saraiya

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Mumbai-based producer and singer Your Chin aka Raxit Tewari is back with new music after releasing his melodic track “Horticulturist” this past June. The new track, “Luv Important,” which came out exclusively on Vh1 India on November 18th features groovy synth parts, an effervescent vocal melody, a striking groove as well as Tewari’s laidback voice.

On the new song, the musician says, “I started working on ‘Luv Important’ at some point last year. Wrote the words for the song literally in one go. It had this abrasive thing right from the start. I spent a whole lot of time trying to get that kind of immediacy in the sounds of the track. It took a while for that bit to come together.”

According to Tewari, the song is set up in a way where love has been reduced to a listicle and is a 10-step guide. He says, “The track follows the journey of various people, at various stages of their lives, left a little embittered following this guide quite closely. The lyrics of the track catch snatches of these monologues almost like a micro interview. Like the one we’re in right now.”

The song’s accompanying video – directed by M.G. Bopanna – is quite trippy and mesmerizing at times and uses plenty of abstract imagery and features screen time by Tewari and Sautrik Mukherji. Tewari says, “I played the track to Bopanna when we sort of toyed with the idea of collaborating on the video, late last year. It took us about half a year and a whole lot of whiskey smalls to figure a visual flow that could mirror this weirdly dystopian narrative without it looking much too different from our city. We went through a whole sack of ideas until we found the bits that fit.”

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With two singles out in the space of five months, does Tewari have plans for a new Your Chin record? He says, “I’m still in the process of writing and hopefully, that continues into the next year as well. For the time being, I’m quite happy putting out music as I get done with it without worrying about it being a single, an EP or an album.” On the live front, he tells us that he is currently working on putting a tour together and also has plans to collaborate with like-minded people.

Watch the video for “Luv Important” below:

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