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Watch Zico’s Adorable Post-Apocalyptic Video for ‘Cartoon’

The release comes barely a week after the rapper dropped the lead single “Summer Hate” off his third EP ‘Random Box’

Riddhi Chakraborty Jul 06, 2020

Zico plays a survivor of the apocalypse in his music video for 'Cartoon.'

South Korean rapper, producer and singer-songwriter Zico treated fans to a brand new music video today for his track “Cartoon.” The release comes barely a week after he dropped the lead single “Summer Hate” (featuring veteran K-pop super star Rain) off his third EP Random Box. 

Written and produced by Zico himself, “Cartoon” is an appealing blend of funk and pop with lyrics about discovering someone new in your life and being enthralled by them to the point where it’s almost dorky. He compares his state to a character from a cartoon or webtoon to explain the ridiculousness of the situation: “Who are you/I can’t take my eyes off you/I lose my sense of reality, get dazed when I see you/This scenery, like from a cartoon.”

In the rather endearing video set in 2022, Zico is one of the few survivors of an apocalypse that has left his city in shambles with crumbling buildings and desolate streets. Fauna and flora seem to be thriving, as animals roam free and follow the singer around as he emerges from his underground bunker in search of supplies. While looking for food in an abandoned store, Zico comes across another survivor–a girl around his age. At first she is wary of him, even going as far as to knock him out with a frying pan, but the two eventually become friends and develop a bond.

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Upon its release on July 1st, Random Box has swept charts across Korea with its fresh, summer vibe and pleased fans by presenting a brand new side of the versatile Zico.


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