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Siliguri Metal Band Begins Work on New Material

When Stories End released their debut EP, ‘Insidious’, in June this year

Anurag Tagat Sep 17, 2013
Siliguri deathcore band When Stories End

Siliguri deathcore band When Stories End

Decades of protests for separate statehood might have led to the decision to create Telangana state in late July, but it also reignited the demand for Gorkhaland among the people of the hill station district of Darjeeling in West Bengal. The political unrest also threw When Stories End, Darjeeling’s newest deathcore band’s tour plans out of order.

The band members have spent the last two months “sitting at home,” as vocalist Vishal Biswa puts it. Without hopes of touring, the six piece band have been spending time occasionally writing new material for a follow-up to their debut EP, Insidious, which was released in June this year. While the EP’s title, Insidious, summed up the emotions on the tracks, Biswa says their newer songs “won’t be about the same thing ”“ anger.” Instead, he’s looking at a new ideology, state politics be damned. Says Biswa, “Maybe [the new songs will be about] happiness and partying up. Why should metal be about the anti-Christ and failing governments all the time? We should be bringing people together for fun.” It’s inspiring that the band isn’t churning out another angst-driven album despite the fact that fun in the last thing on their minds right now. Says Biswa, “It’s hopeless right now. We’re not getting much exposure at all and we’re out of money.” According to Biswa, if the band was in any other metropolitan city, there wouldn’t be agitations stalling gigs. “Plus, bands out there [in other cities] have a lot of people helping them out,” says Biswa.

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The vocalist adds that the only support they have is from other musicians. Two local metal bands ”“ extreme metallers Grungy Morhpins and thrash/death metal band Sycorax – are helping the scene grow by organizing gigs and supporting smaller and newer bands in Darjeeling. Says Biswa, “They’re like legends. Despite no funds, they help all of us, with associations like the Darjeeling Metal League and Psychedelic Faction to organize gigs.”

When Stories End was originally formed in early 2012 as a straight-up deathcore band, before producer Debojyoti Sanyal joined the band on samples and synth, introducing an electronica element to the music. Says Biswa, “He’s a really talented guy. He did really awesome things to the EP, which we recorded in his home.” The result is punchy, edgy deathcore that’s reminiscent of American metal bands The Devil Wears Prada and The Acacia Strain. The band is also inspired by anime series such as Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist and teamed up with friend Abhinav Dewan to write Japanese lyrics to “Bankai,” which is about soul reapers. “It’s got us fans from the U.S, Germany, Norway and Mexico,” adds Biswa. Other pop culture influences in When Stories End’s music include a sample of a clip from crime-thriller show Breaking Bad. “That series was totally awesome,” adds Biswa.

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For their new material, When Stories End is readying a single for release in November. 

Steam Insidious here:



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