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Why P-Man Loves Metal

Ten questions with P-Man, the enfant terrible of the indie music scene, who released the third episode of P-Man Music Files this week

rsiwebadmin Jul 18, 2012
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The P-Man Music Files that launched with the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2012 on July 1st are a leap forward from the P-Man Show that was kicked off in 2008. An irreverent take on the Indian music scene, the P-Man Music Files has Rohit Pereira, frontman for bands such as Khiladi and ViceVersa at its helm. The host and brain behind both shows tells us how he plans to set up the P-Man Music Files cult, in this interview.

Which musician is on your guest wish list for the new show?

Right now, Vishal Dadlani. He’s one of the coolest guys on the scene and I’m sure he’ll have some brutal answers for most of my questions. If I had a chance, I’d also get this guy named Phebian who was in a Chennai metal band named Blaspheme back in the Nineties. The band canned a long time ago, but Phebian is a character and a half and has some pretty amazing stories about college competitions.

If you had to feature Lou Majaw on P-Man Music Files, what’s the one question that you’d ask him?

I’d ask two: Does he wash his shorts? And will he sing for ViceVersa [Pereira’s electronica project].

How is the P-Man Music Files different from the P-Man Show?

It is a continuation. The P-Man show had mostly rock and metal, but this will include all kinds of indie music including electronica and jazz.

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Why do you think most DJs are bald?

I think they’re saving money instead of spending on hair care, shampoos and stuff. Maybe they’re spending it on buying new headphones. The other day, someone from BLOT told me they bought a pair of headphones for Rs 17,000. I make that much in a month.

Which electronica act’s show is a must-watch on your list?

I really want to catch Chase & Status.

What does metal mean to you?

Metal to me is like that plate of Goan sausage pulao with pao. You can have it when you’re hungry, not hungry, before or after sex.

Which is the hottest video that you’ve seen yet?

I think besides the second episode of P-Man Music Files at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2012, Anusha Dandekar’s video for “Better Than Your Ex”

P-Man Music Files or the X-Files?

Gillian dude. Gillian is the scene. They cover extra terrestrials, but the stuff we cover will seem extra terrestrial after watching it for a while.

Why should anyone watch the P-Man Music Files?

If you don’t life will end up being poorer culturally, emotionally and spiritually. The P-Man Music Files will showcase new music talent because I’m hosting it. Plus, it will feature hot women.

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What will the show do for the scene?

It will prove that fat rockers with a lisp are cool.

Watch the third episode of the P-Man Music Files here

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