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Win a Copy of The Great Rock Music Quiz Book

Author and journalist Verus Ferreira’s latest covers tales and facts from Aerosmith to Guns N’ Roses to Coldplay and more

Rolling Stone India Apr 23, 2018

The cover of 'The Great Rock Music Quiz Book' features Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash. Cover photo: Verus Ferreira

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In the age of instant search engines and the endless knowledge available online, what does it mean to write a quiz book? Mumbai-based journalist and author Verus Ferreira says his second book, The Great Rock Music Quiz Book (released via StoryMirror), isn’t made to compete with the online sphere.

He says the major draw, for anyone to pick up a copy, would be to hold a book in your hand as a source of entertainment and information. Ferreira adds, “There is a certain charm when quiz contests were held in schools and on TV back in the Nineties, the competitive team spirit, the points grading system and the prizes were a major attraction. It is still widely prevalent and loved even today in many schools and colleges and even in corporate houses to break the ice with staff.”

Journalist and author Verus Ferreira (center) with StoryMirror co-founder Bibhu Datta Rout (left) and veteran musician-composer Lesle Lewis (right). Photo: Nirav Mehta

Ferreira began working on a rock-specific book after he realized he had many more stories to tell (specifically about the many enfant terrible of the music world), after the release of The Great Music Quiz Book in 2013. By 2016, he put together a shortlist of 16 bands and began working on questions that uncovered little-known facts and the hi-jinks of everyone from Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash to The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger.

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There are certainly a few too-basic, textbook-type questions that Ferreira warms up each band’s chapter with, but by the end, you do get great stories out of it. The author says, “Imagine just chilling out with friends over a beer, listening to your favorite band, taking the book in your hand and bombarding your friends with questions on the antics of Pink Floyd, the lyrics of Eagles, or the escapades of Mick Jagger.” He guarantees “there would be dozens of questions hard-core rock fans would be stumped.” Certainly an interesting challenge to the intellect, once you put your phone aside, that is.

Think you can prove Verus Ferreira wrong? StoryMirror and Rolling Stone India presents The Great Rock Music Quiz Book contest.

This contest is now closed. Stay tuned for the winners. Check out the correct answers (in bold) below. 

Which song did Def Leppard use in the film ‘Last Action Hero”?

“Armageddon It”

“Two Steps Behind”

“Comin’ Under Fire”

Answer: “Two Steps Behind”

Bruce Dickinson left Iron Maiden after the album ‘Fear of the Dark’.



Answer: True

The Scorpions recorded “Wind of Change” in two other languages. Which are they?

German and French

German and Russian

Russian and Spanish

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Answer: Russian and Spanish.

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