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Winner are Back With Their Highly-Anticipated Release, ‘I Love U’

The single leads the South Korean group’s fourth EP ‘Holiday’

Divyansha Dongre Jul 05, 2022

K-pop’s favorite quartet Winner are back with their brand new feel-good single, “I Love U.” Leading up to their fourth EP Holiday, the release marks Winner’s first full group comeback in over two years, following members Jinu and Hoony’s discharge from the military.

Written and composed by members Yoon and Mino, and label mates AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk and Treasure’s Bang Ye Dam, “I Love U” captures the group’s synergy and love for music effortlessly through a bright, upbeat soundscape. With rhythmic bass-synth and retro-pop influences, the single guarantees to uplift your spirits almost instantaneously. Given singer Yoon’s vocal prowess and ease with falsettos, the chorus will keep you coming back for more. 

Pushing listeners to take control of their romantic destiny, Winner weave an engrossing storyline brimming with romance and celebration. The crux of the track, however, seems familiar; a larger-than-life declaration of love, stirring in a dizzying amount of elation. While the concept may have been overdone, Winner add their witty twist to the subject via laudable vocal performance as they sing, “We’re like the main characters/ Of a romantic movie (ah-ah-ah)/ I don’t beat around the bush, I go straight/ I’ll send you my sincerity/ Which is bland yet pure/ So that it echoes.”

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The music video mirrors the track’s storyline with Winner building and participating in the making of their romantic epic film. From being decked up in inflated costumes embodying overly muscular Greek gods to executing smoothly choreographed routines on a heart-shaped stage and, finally, escaping into the night on a flying car, the music video is as whimsically delightful as the track. 

A six-track EP, Holiday has additional tracks titled “10 Min,” “Holiday,” “Sweet Home,” “Family” and “Little Finger.” While Yoon and Mino are credited on all six tracks, Hoony is credited for all five B-sides. 

The year 2022 has been an eventful one for Winner’s label YG Entertainment. With Big Bang making their highly-anticipated comeback a few months ago in March, Treasure’s “Darari” going viral on social media, iKon releasing their EP Flashback in May 2022 and rumors of a potential Blackpink comeback in the works, the first half of the year has certainly kept YG Entertainment on their toes. 


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