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Watch WINNER Make a Vibrant Comeback With ‘Ah Yeah’

The South Korean quartet’s bright new single arrives just in time for summer playlists

Riddhi Chakraborty May 15, 2019

WINNER are readily embracing more fun-loving and quirky sides of themselves with their recent work and "Ah Yeah" is no exception.

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South Korean group WINNER made a comeback earlier today just in time to contribute to summer playlists with their brand new single “Ah Yeah” from their latest EP We. The track is accompanied by a vibrant music video with all four members seemingly celebrating the end of a relationship.

Co-produced by WINNER’s leader Yoon, “Ah Yeah” uses breezy guitar and electronic pop to channel an upbeat energy similar to the band’s previous single “Millions” (2018), indicative of the group’s effort to shift away from their predominantly trap sound. The chorus of “Ah yeah yeah yeah yeah!” is a simple refrain but infectious and lingers in the ear for hours.

WINNER are readily embracing more fun-loving and quirky sides of themselves with their recent work and “Ah Yeah” is no exception; The video dives into a summer vacation-esque popscape with bright colors and playful sets. WINNER let loose as they jump and dance around with abandon, but it all seems a little bit too happy; the plot soon devolves into chaos with the members wrecking a room while caught in bouts of hysterical laughter, before finally settling down together on a couch, looking dejected.

The visuals are a great portrayal of the theme of the song, which revolves around the sense of forcing oneself to celebrate the end of a relationship in an effort to avoid feeling the pain caused by the break-up; “I want you/Ah yeah/To leave/For now, bye, bye/Scissors in front of break-ups/You are the person who never want to lose/So I’ll cut out the thread of lingering love/I’m so pathetic/Even though I made up my mind to end things with you/I cling onto your sleeve/And freeze up because you’re my only love.”

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