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Women of Indian Rock: Tanvi Rao

Sanaya Ardeshir of Sandunes on the Bengaluru-based electro trip hop group Sulk Station’s vocalist and keyboardist

Sanaya Ardeshir Mar 26, 2015
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Tanvi Rao | Photo Courtesy: Anagha Mareesha

Tanvi Rao | Photo Courtesy: Anagha Mareesha

My first impressions of Tanvi Rao were formed when I caught her performance in Bonobo, Bombay as part of Sulk Station. The duo played a late afternoon set and I remember being impressed watching how the performance drew people inside and into a cosy huddle on the ground in front of the stage. It was a hot afternoon being the middle of Bombay summer and the air was still inside, but no one seemed to mind. When she began speaking ”“ I remember thinking, ”˜Wow, how real!’ Her communication with the audience was one coming from a place of no pretence. She admitted that she had nerves, and that she was happy to be there ”“ and it was particularly refreshing and also rather endearing to witness her performance on vocals and keys. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to perform alongside Sulk Station on several occasions and learnt more about their style and approach. I’ve watched Tanvi collaborate with other musicians and even dancers, and always felt engaged by her performances by the virtue of her ability to be and project true self on stage and off ”” something that can be quite a challenge in the world of performing arts, and she does a damn good job of it! Big up, Tanvi!

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