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Women of Indian Rock: Vasundhara Vidalur

Singer-songwriter Vasuda Sharma on the Delhi-based vocalist

Vasuda Sharma Mar 27, 2015
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Vasundhara Vidalur | Photo Courtesy: Prashin Jagger

Vasundhara Vidalur | Photo Courtesy: Prashin Jagger

The first time I heard the name Vasundhara [from Adil & Vasundhara] was from a friend. My friend was like “Oh my god, you have to hear her voice.” I already liked the name Vasundhara because it is similar to mine and has the same meaning. When I saw one of their live performance videos on YouTube, I was completely blown away and became an instant fan of her voice. So smooth, flawless, sensual and powerful. She has an amazing control over her voice and is so effortless. I used to follow Adil and Vasundhara’s jazz songs and was later thrilled to know that they were finally working on an album. I always wanted to catch their live performance, but somehow happened to miss it. I got an opportunity to watch Vasundhara play live for the first time in JD Awards in 2014 I think. She has an amazing stage presence, perfect pitch and poise. Easily one of my favourite voices in the country.

I also got to meet her in person there brief ly and complimented her too. It broke my heart to hear Adil and Vasundhara part as a duo. But I wish people get to hear more and more of her voice in the coming time. We need it.

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Oh and she is very pretty too, which is a bonus. [And I am straight].


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