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Women of Indian Rock: Vivienne Pocha

Jazz pianist Merlin D’Souza on the Mumbai-based blues and jazz vocalist

Merlin D'Souza Mar 28, 2015
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Vivienne Pocha | photo Courtesy: Neha Mithbowkar

Vivienne Pocha | Photo: Neha Mithbowkar

Vivienne has a commendable voice. It has an international quality to it. It is rocky and bluesy at the same time. With her range, she is a great soprano singer. She is a well-rounded, consummate performer. She interacts with the audience and the musicians and always shares a great rapport with the crowd. She also gives a lot of freedom to the musicians on stage. Most of the singers stick to a certain structure. But that is not the case with her.

We have worked and performed together a lot. Vivienne is always open to ideas. Like I said before, she gives a lot of freedom to those who work with her. Although music is disciplined and certain rules have to be adhered, she likes to explore new things. She has always put a lot of faith in me and trusts me with the ideas that I come up with.

A few years back, we performed a blues, rock and jazz set at Razzberry Rhinoceros at Juhu Hotel. She was with her guitar and I was playing the piano and we had a huge group of musicians. We mostly performed covers, with a few originals in between and it was certainly a memorable performance. I feel we bring out the best in each other. Every time one does well, the other is also very happy.

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