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Wonho is Dangerous and Seductive in the Video For ‘Open Mind’

The South Korean singer-songwriter has released his solo debut EP ‘Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me’

Riddhi Chakraborty Sep 04, 2020
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South Korean singer-songwriter Wonho made his official solo debut today with his first EP Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me. The record is led by the bold single “Open Mind” and an accompanying music video.

“Open Mind” uses a foundation of Eighties-style warped bass and synth to tremendous effect, veering into the electronic territory reminiscent of Daft Punk with the occasional distorted vocals and 808 beat. Wonho builds hazy vocal harmonies over the pre-chorus that lead to a groovy, funk-fuelled drop. The warped bass paired with the echoing vocals of the pre-chorus is the absolute highlight of the track, complemented further by detailed, funky guitar riffs that build towards each drop. The lyrics for “Open Mind” seem to be a bold invitation to a one-night stand, “You don’t have to love me/ Cause we want the same thing/ Tell me your desires/ And I’ll bring ‘em all to life/ For just one night/ Keep an open mind girl/ Oh you and I/ We’ll go from zero to a hundred/ In one night.”

Wonho pulls no stops in the music video; he is sexy, confident and powerful as he dons unique outfits that show off his muscular physique. “Open Mind” is choreography-heavy, with Wonho and his backup dancers performing sleek moves on a dance floor lit up in elegant combinations of reds, purples and blues. The video is interspersed with scenes of the singer getting ready for a night out. There are a few symbolic moments as well, as he tosses a silver coin contemplatively in the air, stands in an elevator that’s climbing past hundreds of floors and drives a powerful car through a tunnel of streaming, neon lights.

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“Open Mind” also has an English version and follows Wonho’s first English track, “Losing You,” an emotional piano ballad he dropped for his fans in August. Comprising a total of eight track, Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me is an experimental and powerful record, spanning a range of genres to allow Wonho to display his versatility as an artist. The EP is the South Korean singer-songwriter’s first release since leaving K-pop group Monsta X in 2019.

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