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Wonho Makes Victorious Solo Debut With ‘Losing You’

The track is a pre-release for the singer-songwriter’s first solo EP ‘Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me,’ out in September

Riddhi Chakraborty Aug 14, 2020
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Former Monsta X member Wonho made a triumphant and emotional return to the scene today with the release of his first solo single “Losing You.” The English language track is the South Korean singer-songwriter’s first release since leaving K-pop group Monsta X in 2019, and a prelude to his upcoming debut EP Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me.

Co-written and co-composed by Wonho, “Losing You” is a powerful piano ballad about the vocalist’s relationship with his fans, outlining how much he missed them and that he would do anything to protect them from sadness and disappointment. He vows to sacrifice himself if the need arises as he sings, “Baby, I would go to war for you/Build an army if you need me to, yeah/’Cause losing me is better than losing you/Don’t you know that I would die for you/If I knew that you would make it through?/’Cause losing me is better than losing you.”

Wonho is alone, contemplative and tearful in the music video for “Losing You,” as he vows to stand by the one he loves. The clip is sombre and dark, mostly shot in black and white–the few scenes where Wonho is seated in a car, seemingly preparing to run over a version of himself, are lit with red and the bright, yellow headlights of the car, creating a striking visual contrast.

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Wonho announced his departure from Monsta X in October 2019 following various accusations including that he owed a friend a large amount of money, had previously used marijuana and had been sentence to probation as a juvenile. Fans were shocked by the events and protested his departure and contract termination with Starship Entertainment for several months. They refused to give up on him and trended the hashtag #FightForWonho on Twitter for several consecutive weeks. After a police investigation that spanned several months, Wonho was cleared of all charges on March 14th, 2020.

In April 2020, the vocalist signed as a solo artist with Highline Entertainment–a subsidiary label of Starship Entertainment–and by August announced his comeback with “Losing You” and Love Synonym, which drops in September.

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