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Workshop Play Bengaluru, To Find New Guitarist

Devesh Dayal (Goddess Gagged, Skyharbor) will play his last gig with the Mumbai comedy rock/metal band in Bengaluru on May 24th

Anurag Tagat May 23, 2013
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Given comedy rock/metal band Workshop’s notoriety for being panned (and still getting nearly 10,000 hits on their video for “Gajanand Dhige”), it’s surprising to hear they’ve never been heckled. “No one ever really talks to us,” says frontman Sahil Makhija. We caught up at 8 am on a dreary weekday, just after the band finished jamming for their Bengaluru gig on May 24th. Of course, the day started to look up as soon as the band members began their banter.

The gig also marks the last gig they play with guitarist Devesh Dayal, who is leaving to focus on playing with his existing projects ”“ prog metal band Skyharbor and alternative metal band Goddess Gagged. “But we don’t harbor any bad feelings against him,” says Makhija, trying hard to pun. 

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