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Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage

Rating: Four stars

Pros: All birch wood, the YESS system, great sturdy hardware
Cons: Not having the T-screw system for the floor tom and bass drum adjustments.

Rolling Stone IN Jan 20, 2009

The word Yamaha conjures up mostly images of motorbikes for your average Indian person. But Yamaha has been building drums since 1967; I’m sure that comes as a surprise to most people. Yamaha has always been known to make high quality products, and of course with quality comes a price; however you can be assure that money spent on a Yamaha product is money well spent.

The Yamaha Stage Custom advantage is an all birch drum kit and has a 22×17 bass drum with a 7 ply construction and a 7mm shell while the toms and snares are 6 ply with a 6mm shell. The standard stage custom configuration comes with 12×9 x 13×10 rack toms, a16x16 floor tom and a 14×5.5 snare drum. The hardware includes a double tom holder which features the proprietary Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (YESS) which basically isolates the tom and eliminates the need for the tom holder to pierce through the drum to hold it in place, the advantage being that it allows the drum maximum resonance with minimal shell contact. The tom holders are fitted with hard resin ball clamps which provide extra flexibility in positioning and angling the toms. The remaining hardware is the Yamaha 700 series snare stand, hi hat stand, two cymbal boom stands and bass drum pedal. The 700 series hardware is not only well designed by very sturdy and durable. The only drawback is that the floor tom legs need to be adjusted with a drum key as opposed to a T-screw system which is a lot easier. The same applies to the bass drum as well.

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Overall the Yamaha stage custom is an absolutely beautiful sounding drumset and lives up to the Yamaha standard of quality and is definitely worth its Rs 66,000 price tag.

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