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Yatin Srivastava Project Return with Grandiose Metal on ‘All We Ever Wanted Was Nothing’

“I’ve never been this productive in a while,” the New Delhi producer-guitarist says

Anurag Tagat May 04, 2020

New Delhi guitarist and producer Yatin Srivastava. Photo: Ish Raheja

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When New Delhi producer-guitarist Yatin Srivastava introduced his band members to his new song “all we ever wanted was nothing,” the project’s vocalist Amani Kerr didn’t think of obvious sonic imprints like prog metal band Tesseract. “When she heard the vocal melody line for the chorus, she said it sounded similar to a Camila Cabello song, which I hadn’t heard at all at the time, so that was funny,” Srivastava says.

The follow-up to his September 2019 single “Shape Without Form,” this new song is Yatin Srivastava Project’s first release of 2020, featuring drummer Arjun Mathur, bassist Archie Farrer and synth by Andrew Simmons. The vocals on “All We Ever Wanted Was Nothing” are helmed by Srivastava, amidst swerving djent riffs that pick up the pace early on, mirroring the artist’s influence from modern metal bands such as Polaris, metal/hardcore band Code Orange and Knocked Loose. With the lyrics centered around concerns for the younger generation, Srivastava says, “The heavy content comes directly from all the pent-up anger I felt, watching the social environment around me eventually deteriorate into riot-like situations.”

In the time between releases, Srivastava has been taking on more production work and says his listening tastes also diversified. Once the lockdown started in March, the artist says he’s “never been this productive in a while.” Including snippets of performing covers on video and scoping out a possible collaborative EP, Srivastava also started an interview series on YouTube.

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The plan for the rest of the year is to plot out Yatin Srivastava Project’s second full-length album, coming from ideas born over the last two years. He notes, “Drums have already been tracked for a couple of songs at Ferris Wheel Studios, out of which one was ‘all we ever wanted was nothing.’ Vocals are done for some songs too. We had planned to continue this process and get a collection of songs ready to go and compile it into album, but I guess that’ll have to wait.”

Listen to “all we ever wanted was nothing” below and on Apple Music here. Stay tuned for the lyric video premiere at 9 pm on YouTube.

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