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Your Chin Goes on Tour to Promote New EP

The Mumbai electro-pop artist talks about his brand of conversation-based dance music on the four-track ‘Peeping Till It’s Noise’; to gig across five cities starting this weekend

Anurag Tagat May 20, 2016
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your chin

Raxit Tewari aka Your Chin. Photo: Noor Sethi

Guitarist, vocalist and producer Raxit Tewari has had a good ride with his electronic music project Your Chin in the last five years, playing at clubs across the country and being a favorite for an early set at festivals ranging from Sunburn in Goa to Indie March in Bengaluru. One thing he’s never been worried about, though, are the crowds. He says, “I’ve been a touring musician for so long and not having people at gigs is just”¦ such a part of life, you know? You realize that depends on so many variables.”

The frontman of electro-rock band Sky Rabbit, Tewari’s solo venture with Your Chin has now led him to his third EP, Peeping Till It’s Noise. The dance music aspect remains, in the way that you will definitely find yourself moving to songs like “Fighting The Sumo,” one of his early electro-pop compositions, and the guitar-laced “Skit.” The four-track EP even features “Shine” what Tewari says “might just be the slowest song I’ve ever written”. It’s not just the downtempo influence, but also a sing-along vocal harmony at the end of “Shine” that signals a change in Tewari’s relation with loops and dance music. He adds, “This set also mines the sort of territory where it’s not out and out dance music. In a way, those are the building blocks of what I’m doing.” Then there’s the fast-paced, classic synth banger called “Hawk,” for which there’s a music video in the works.

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[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Bk6o3BGFbQ[/youtube]

Tewari spent one week in Kolkata in March, getting the EP mixed by veteran sound engineer Miti Adhikari at his home studio, Top Step. Although Adhikari’s major credits include rock bands ranging from Coldplay to Foo Fighters to Indian bands such as The Supersonics and The Ganesh Talkies, Tewari did trust him with electronic music. “As much as you think you’re electronica producer or a folk artist or any of that, a whole bunch of stuff that goes into making a song sound good at a mix level is just very simply, only learned through years of doing it right. He’s easily one of the guys here that knows that game better than most.”

Peeping Till It’s Noise still has Tewari’s regular fare of deliberately open-ended and oft-misheard lyrics just like Sky Rabbit or previous Your Chin records, but he does say the EP has a theme tied into it. When Tewari began grappling with the pros and cons of online promotion and the Internet in general, he realized “everything turns to noise pretty quickly.” He adds, “All the tracks essentially, are two-people conversations. Like you’re sitting in a small café type place, talking to a friend, someone you’ve known for a bit. Talking about how things are going on in various spheres.” Maybe that’s what Your Chin has going for himself, conversation-based dance music ”“ the words and the beats equally staying in your head.

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Listen to Peeping Till It’s Noise

Your Chin Tour

May 21st ”“ The Humming Tree, Bengaluru

May 27th ”“ Antisocial, Mumbai

June 3rd ”“ High Spirits, Pune

June 10th ”“ Bandstand, Delhi

June 17th ”“ Jamsteady, Kolkata

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