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Before You Head To YouTube Fan Fest 2019, Here Are 5 Musicians to Check Out

From pop group Sanam to cover outfit Singh’s Unplugged and more

Jessica Xalxo Mar 27, 2019

Singh's Unplugged will perform at this year's YouTube Fan Fest in Mumbai.

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If you’re in Mumbai or heading towards the city this Saturday, March 30th, chances are that you’ll find yourself in the sprawling oasis of the Jio Garden, located in the business district of BKC. The venue is playing host to the sixth edition of the YouTube FanFest (YTFF) which is set to be a celebration of freedom, diversity, inclusivity, innovation and of course, entertainment – strengthened by the ever-burgeoning crowd that the festival draws year after year. Whether you’re an uninitiated listener or a seasoned subscriber, these are the musical acts that you should catch up with before heading to the festival:

1. Singh’s Unplugged

There are covers which pale in comparison to the original song and then there are covers that bind one in the illusion of listening to the tune for the very first time. These covers find a home in Singh’s Unplugged. The musical duo of Gurashish Singh and Tanveer Singh Kohli create rhythmic and beautiful serenades of the songs we all sing and love. Singh’s voice lends a new lease to melodies that might have settled like dust on the ears, while Kohli’s instrumentation reinvents the enmeshing of melody and lyric. The end result is one powerful track. If you feel the need to hit refresh on songs that you’re sick and tired of hearing, tune in to Singh’s Unplugged.

2. Amit Bhadana

“Jwaala jaga andar, kis baat se hain tang? Duniya se nahi, khud se hain teri jung,” opens Amit Bhadana with rapper Ikka, in his very first single “Parichay.” The song commingles Bhadana’s experiences with music, a steady flow of gripping rap enmeshed with lyrics of struggle, failure, heartbreak, bullying, friendship and reinvention. The track feels both uniquely personal and universal as it traces Bhadana’s rise to YouTube stardom. The comedic superstar, who tickled the country’s funnybone with his vines, dubs and comedic sketches, recently won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award – and it only takes one listen to understand why. Composed in conjunction and sung with Ikka, this track is the one to play when you’re hard pressed for motivation or just in a dire situation. Fingers crossed on Bhadana releasing new songs and continuing his foray into music in the near future.

3. Karan Nawani

Karan Nawani’s covers feature dazzling instrumentation, choruses and bridges, sweet vocals and are usually accompanied by fluid visuals that transport viewers to the song as he imagines and hears it. His music is a stop and rewind rendition of usually quick-paced numbers and this cover is sure to have you snapping your fingers to its beat.

4. Sanam

Sanam is no stranger to YouTube. The pop-rock band consisting of Sanam Puri (lead vocals), Samar Puri (lead guitar), Keshav Dhanraj (drums) and Venky S (bass guitar) are India’s first Internet-created music stars. Their music is a cross between Hindi and Punjabi vocals; pop and techno beats; and strains of rock. If you’re someone whose listening finds synergy between the old and the new (of music), you’ll find resonance with Sanam’s originals and renditions.

5. Ritu Agarwal (Voice of Ritu)

There is a versatility to Ritu Agarwal’s music that is hard to beat. She transitions between different styles of music and songs seamlessly, with vocals that are soulful, classical, modern, thoughtful and powerful at the same time. Agarwal makes each song’s cover her very own, and that is what makes her voice one to listen to.

And if you can’t make it after all, you can always tune into the festivities here.

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