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YUGYEOM Unveils Dark, Cinematic Music Video For ‘I Want U Around’

The track marks the artist’s first release under his new label, AOMG

Divyansha Dongre Jun 11, 2021
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Serving as a sneak-peek to his upcoming debut EP, Point of View: U, South Korean singer-songwriter YUGYEOM has unveiled his first solo venture “I Want U Around.” The track blends the artistries of R&B singer DeVita, Korean hip-hop’s prominent producer, GRAY and the vocalist himself, putting forward a glimpse of a promising record to mark the beginning of his solo career since joining hip-hop label AOMG. 

Taking on a strong R&B sound with a blend of trap beats, “I Want U Around” sees the vocalist yearning for his significant other. Unable to get through the daily grind, YUGYEOM finds himself caught up with thoughts of his love interest as he sings– “Caught up in your thoughts all-day/ I’m unable to fall asleep/ I hope to dream of you at least/ Wake up in frustration every day, yeah/ I can’t stop thinking of you in my mind.”

Set in a gloomy, misty forest, “I Want U Around” opens with YUGYEOM seated on a wooden chair, constrained by the ropes wrapped around his body. Seeming dazed, the singer wanders around the forest, making his way towards a trench where he unloads items from his palms singing, “Like the shining stars/You shine so bright that I can’t look at you, yeah.”

The focus shifts to YUGYEOM’s AOMG labelmate DeVita, with the artist’s breathy voice foraying in the second verse: “Baby / You don’t know what you’ve been missing/ Cause I need you around.” DeVita’s vocals initiate a conversational-like flow within the track, with the lyrics answering the questions that have kept YUGYEOM in a trance, “I’ll always wait for you/ I’ll be right here forever/ You can be a little latе/ Baby you’ll be safe as long as you’re with mе.” DeVita, who is seen holding a wooden torch, tosses the flames into the trench, revealing YUGYEOM at the bottom of it. The music video concludes with the vocalists harmonizing over a visual of a levitating pile of boulders looming above YUGYEOM. 

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Featuring seasoned producers such as GRAY and Cha Cha Malone, YUGYEOM’s debut EP, Point Of View: U comprises of seven tracks–“I Want You Around”, “Running Through The Rain”, “네잘못이야” feat. GRAY, “All About U” feat. Loco, “Love The Way” feat. Jay Park and Punchnello and “When U Fall.” The record is all set to hit major streaming platforms on June 17th. 

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