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Yush! Releases Groovy Single ‘Carbs (papi player)’

The track is the first offering from Mumbai artist Soham Pathak’s new synth pop solo project

David Britto Nov 20, 2020

Mumbai artist Soham Pathak aka Yush! Photo: Dark Matter

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Mumbai artist Soham Pathak has been constantly working on music since 2012. He’s looked after background scores for films, created tunes for jingles, short films, documentaries and web series as well as had a stint with Mumbai outfit Sparsh. Now, under the moniker Yush! he’s out with his brand-new synth-pop neon-lit single “Carbs (papi player).” Pathak says, “This release is the original and authentic self-work and the version and vision of music that’s bred in me ever since.”

Pathak began working on the new track just before the pandemic hit. Talking about the song, the musician explains that it comes from a “messed-up lover boy battling in his ways to get his muse back in his life.” Pathak adds, “She gets him weak in his knees whenever he is around her and if only, he could get his act right to save this relationship, where little hope is left. He pleads with her one last time with this song to take him back.”

Sonically, “Carbs (papi player)” is a glittery refreshing ditty. While Pathak’s glossy voice holds the song together, there’s a lot going on underneath with poppy synth parts, slinky guitar licks, a vibrant groove, dreamy background vocals and more. “I am a simple musician who derives his ideas from daily life. I see music as a way of life and anything could be an aesthetic piece of work but not everything,” says Pathak.

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There’s another Yush! single titled “Indian Summer” which is scheduled to be out very soon with an accompanying music video. Also, he’s got more composing to do for an upcoming Marathi film and jingles as well as producing for other artists. “I think I’m on my path of creating and contributing to the music in this world,” says Pathak.

Watch the lyric video for “Carbs (papi player)” below and stream the song on other platforms

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