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Zurich Electronic Duo mischgewebe Drop Hauntingly Beautiful Second Single ‘Come Down’

The track is off their forthcoming debut album ‘Violet’

David Britto Dec 02, 2020

Zurich-based electronic duo mischgewebe. Photo: Mindaugas Matulis

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When vocalist and synth player Melanie Danuser aka Mel D was chosen to compose music for a theater production in 2018, she only found a day before rehearsals began that the requirement was electronic music. “I panicked a little because I had literally no clue how to work with synthesizers and drum-machines or even the easiest music apps,” she says. To her sheer luck, she ran into producer Bill Bühler aka Bill B, who was studying with her at Zurich Art University on the train home and told him about her struggles. “He spontaneously decided to help me with the theater-music.” Since then, the Zurich-based pair formed their electronic outfit mischgewebe and are now out with a new tantalizing single called “Come Down,” the second from their forthcoming 10-track debut album Violet.

“Come Down” has an eeriness to it, however, there’s a certain charm that carries the track. That comes from the musical connection mischgewebe has developed. There’s hauntingly beautiful vocals juxtaposed with pop elements, guitar riffs as well as layered electronic soundscapes. The band penned the track for a play they worked on, which was about twin brothers growing up during the Second World War. Bill B explains that the song is about personal growth and he says, “A really dark, disturbing play, and the song came almost at the end, when the twins parted ways, leaving the safety of being together but also hopefully all the horrible memories behind.” He adds, “I think it is out of this feeling that the song developed, but of course it evolved to stand on its own without the play.”

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Over the last couple of years, mischgewebe has written extensively, with each track evolving at every gig they played. Their upcoming album Violet – which will be released early next year – is set to include long drone sections, dreamy synth arrangements, thick bass parts, vibrant techno, a screaming guitar solo and more. “The result is a journey through dark cellars, clouded skies, heartbreak and dreamlands,” says Bill B. Mel D adds, “I would say the album incarnates our growth together and our interest in different aspects of music. For sure it is very trippy.” The duo recorded the LP in the Swiss mountains with producer and engineer Simon Jäger. The project was then mastered by Robin Schmidt of 24-96 Mastering.

Due to the pandemic, mischgewebe had to cancel their festival tour that had 25 shows booked on it. “Because I was doing all the booking at that time and spent a lot of hours writing e-mails and preparing the tour, seeing all of this crumble was painful,” says Mel D. The band used the time inside to begin work on their second album and plot the release for Violet. “Of course, it sucks that we are not able to do any shows. But on the other hand, it gives us a lot of time to try out new ideas, new set-ups and prepare a new live show,” says Bill B.

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Although mischgewebe have never been to India before, ask them if they would consider touring the country when the circumstance allows it. Bill B says, “We would definitely go there on a tour, but of course this depends a lot on how many people want us to come to India.” Mel D adds, “There is just so much to see and learn in terms of music, landscape, people… everything.”

Watch the video for “Come Down” below and stream the song here

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