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de Blob 2

[Four stars]
Genre: Action
Price: Rs 1,999 (PS3/X360), Rs 1,799 (Wii), Rs 1,299 (Nintendo DS)

Apr 05, 2011

Tear past de Blob 2‘s all but simple graphics and art-style and you have a game that’s as interesting as it is colourful.

You play Blob, a ball of paint entrusted to bring colour, and most importantly its citizens, back to the city of Prisma that’s been duped by Comrade Black, the game’s nemesis. Along with your posse, called the Color Underground, you restore the city to its vibrant glory by liberating citizens and capturing important landmarks, all by dousing them in liberal amounts of paint.

Yes it might sound quite straightforward but before you know you’ll be befuddled as to where all your time went, spent splotching paint all over a dull, monochrome city. It’s deviously well done to say the least. The controls are equally good, making it a joy for anyone, even those who have never used an Xbox controller, easy.

Nitpickers will complain that it lacks the graphical finesse of a Killzone 3 or the ostentatiousness of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 but de Blob 2 is meant to be a change from the usual. While its predecessor only made it to the Wii, this title sees itself on the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. This allows for more eye candy and greater clarity in-game. Oh and the PS3 version supports Sony’s newfangled Move controller too.

All in all, there’s very little that de Blob 2 does wrong, making it an apt purchase if you’re bored of the regular triple-A games that we’re all so accustomed to nowadays. Just make sure that you use your younger sibling as an excuse for picking it up unless you wish to see your gaming-cred reduced to tatters.

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