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Deveshi Sahgal Lights Her Way Forward in Haunting ‘Fields Of Hope’ Video

The New Delhi artist employs her eerie croon on the dramatic song co-produced by Raman Kakkar

Jan 12, 2022

New Delhi singer-songwriter Deveshi Sahgal in a still from her music video 'Fields Of Hope.'

After a productive 2020 spent releasing singles, New Delhi singer-songwriter Deveshi Sahgal was unable to release any music in 2021. “Not only was it physically not possible but mentally too, I was not in a good space to release any of my music,” she says.

She’s wasting little time in 2022, however, with her new single “Fields Of Hope,” co-produced by guitarist Raman Kakkar and offered up with a music video that reflects the end of a relationship and moving toward optimistic changes. Sahgal says the song, written in 2019, was inspired by the French phrase “le champs des possible” (the fields of possibility). She adds, “Over the last couple of years, a friend of mine who is French used this phrase a lot with me, as a gentle sarcastic nudge I guess, to take chances, try new things, travel… that sort of thing.”

Instead, it sparked a “mental image” in Sahgal, which she channeled into “Fields of Hope”. The song features her echoey vocals about finding steadiness and security in one’s life and protecting it. Kakkar’s flittering guitar lines provide a bedrock, as the song swells. Sahgal says, “The progression of the song is almost theatrical in nature; A slow build to the crescendo that creates the mental imagery of this journey of hope and its conflicting emotions.”

Originally recorded as an acoustic track, Kakkar and Sahgal add layers of guitar, urgent percussive elements and the singer’s own vocal theatrics take over as well. The music video – made by Sahgal as well with Aman Kakkar of Humming Pixels Studio – showcases a couple at different stages of togetherness, as flames are superimposed and soon enough, Sahgal’s partner becomes a mere, featureless life-sized replica.  

The singer says she has more songs written and produced over the span of three years. “[…] Some half-baked, some ready to roll and I’m finally excited to start releasing them all. The pandemic really threw everything off the rails. [But] I’m feeling a mad rush of excitement now, to share it all,” the artist adds.

Watch the video for “Fields of Hope” below.