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Global Artists Spotlight: The Kondoors, Ebony Buckle, Robert Ball And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Aug 09, 2021

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) The Kondoors, Ebony Buckle, Robert Ball and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

Bad Colours – “Back Outside” feat. Dave Giles II

Brooklyn’s Bad Colours teams up with vocalist Dave Giles II for a summertime house jam called “Back Outside.” The new track is a celebration of getting back outside in the world post the pandemic and includes Bad Colours’ signature bass and synth combo while four on the floor drums and percussion make it the perfect selection for BBQs, rooftop jams and getting groovy at a club.

Paige Beller – “Failed Attempts and Cigarettes”

Cincinnati-based musician Paige Beller’s latest offering is the dream-pop tune titled “Failed Attempts and Cigarettes.” The song features Beller’s distant vocals as haunting keys and guitar parts fill the sound with psychedelic elements. The artist has also released an animated video to go with the tune.

Ebony Buckle – “You Took Your Time”

Australia-bred and U.K.-based singer-songwriter Ebony Buckle’s newest song is the piano and strings-aided ballad “You Took Your Time.” The minimalist sonic approach is lifted by Buckle’s enchanting voice that emits plenty of emotion. In a statement, the artist said, “I wrote this song to my creative self, after not being able to write anything for a while.” She adds, “I was playing this melody on the piano and so we started recording, just to see what came out. It only took four takes, and we had a song. We decided to use the original vocal takes from this session as they seemed so emotional and raw.”

The Kondoors – “Glorious”

U.K. pop duo The Kondoors comprising musicians Jessica Greenfield and Gavin Conder are out with a refreshing new richly produced anthem titled “Glorious.” The pair have created a warm blanket of sounds with the track that includes beautiful string sections, slick guitar work, plush piano playing, emotive drums as well as soaring vocals. The song – that spreads the message of finding the inner strength to carry on – is also the title track to The Kondoors’ forthcoming album.

Samuel Jack – “Feels Like Summer”

London-born artist Samuel Jack showcases a fresh and distinct sound through his passionate storytelling lyrics and velvet vocals on the upbeat “Feels Like Summer.” The song has garnered plenty of attention on Instagram with users making it one of the top songs used on the app’s feature Reels. Talking about the song, Jackson says, “There’s definitely a sense of nostalgia about the whole song. I wrote it at a time when I looked to those good times to see me through.”

The Pinkerton Raid – “Lisbet Cries”

North Carolina trio The Pinkerton Raid’s bring together an aromatic blend of indie rock and coffeehouse folk on their new song “Lisbet Cries.” The song features some breathy vocals, an overall melancholic vibe as well as poignant lyrics.

Medium Love – “Unibummer”

Californian-born and London-based artist Medium Love shares a dazy new tune called “Unibummer” with dreamy guitar riffs, tight-bright beats, romantic harmonies and an energized chorus. The track’s title is a play on the Unabomber aka American domestic terrorist Ted Kaczynski. In a statement, the singer said, “He felt like he had to terrorize the U.S. to get his message heard, which is both insane and relatable.”

Anjulie – “Big Bad World”

Guyanese/Indian origin and Toronto-based singer Anjulie recently released a groovy R&B offering called “Big Bad World.”  The track features indulgent production as Anjulie’s voice carries the song with mellifluous melodies. In a statement, the artist said, “’Big Bad World’ is a commentary on the way it feels to turn a blind eye to the horrors of humanity in a constantly connected, depersonalized, and performative world.” 

Robert Ball – “I Need A Man”

Toronto artist Robert Ball touches upon the beauty of intimacy beyond being sexual with the sleek, charming and calming R&B single “I Need A Man.” The track’s trippy guitar riffs and soulful, jazzy tones stand out as Ball shows off his infinite vocal ability. In a statement, the singer said, “I wrote this song about being fatigued of people only desiring sex and something casual rather than truly desiring a deeper connection with someone who knows your pain and will hold you and stay with you.”

Gina Naomi Baez – “My Time”

New York City singer-songwriter Gina Naomi Baez delivers an empowering new song called “My Time.” Baez’s vocal range is heard beautifully on the euphoric pop track. “The music is inspired by my life experiences and facing bumps on this road we all call life. Being a childhood cancer survivor, I’ve always felt like I’m a fighter and warrior. Literally, nothing can stop me,” says the artist in a statement.

Memorist – “Second Sequence”


Southwest, U.K.-based alternative metal band Memorist bring forward a burst of finessed riffs and energy on their new single “Second Sequence.” A nod towards bands like Northlane, there’s a piercing lead which reflects the anguish of the tragic lyrics. Vocalist Jon Sinfield says, “‘Second Sequence’ catalogues the changing dynamics in a family with two young children. The verses consider how parents adapt and overcome with their children.”

MEI – The Hard Way Around the Sun

London-based artist MEI’s new EP The Hard Way Around the Sun traverses tightly wound hip-hop verses over soulful R&B/pop production. Influenced by her own bout with the novel coronavirus, spoken word sections on “Death To the Old Self” uncover a story of personal growth at the center of it all, while “Let Dusk Welcome Me” moves in the direction of peace.

GRiZ – Rainbow Brain  

American producer and multi-instrumentalist GriZ previously released a trippy, seismic song called “Astro Funk” earlier this year and now there’s a tome of a record out in the form of his 55-minute album Rainbow Brain. On his seventh full-length, there’s intense journeys through bass music and high energy electronic music, plus interludes peppered throughout. Songs like “Tie-Dye Sky” are undoubtedly memorable, but so is the lightheaded closing track “The Echo Tree.”


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