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James Blunt

Some Kind of Trouble
[Two and a half stars]

Feb 11, 2011

On his third album, Blunt ”“ the blue-eyed Brit whose angel falsetto powered ”˜You’re Beautiful’ to the top of the charts in 2006 ”“ runs the gamut of singer-songwriter sins: grandiosity, bad storytelling, a tendency to speak to women as if they’re small children, and a nagging desire to sound erudite (“All the best-laid plans fall apart in your hands”). It’s too bad; Blunt is amiable and slick when he’s in Eighties light-rock mode, and he’s pretty endearing when he gets away from deep thoughts. ”˜I’ll Be Your Man’ is flirty skiffle pop about how making out is better than his boring couch conversation: “Everything that I say just sounds like a worn-out cliché,” he admits. You said it.

Key Tracks: ”˜I’ll Be Your Man,’ ”˜Stay the Night’

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