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See Jzzy’s Angsty Video for New Pop-Punk Single ‘After Effects’

The Ajmer-based artist shot the clip in Jaisalmer for the track that’s themed on friendships turning sour

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Jun 14, 2022

Ajmer-based pop artist Jzzy. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Indo-American Ajmer-based pop artist Jasmine Mohammed aka Jzzy has been releasing singles at a rapid pace since last year. Now, she’s out with yet another one in the shape of the flavorful “After Effects.”

Of all things, the seeds for the new song were planted when Jzzy came across a Twitter thread about bad friendships people went through as youngsters, while waiting for a flight at New Delhi airport. She says, “It’s like that one eighth-grade friendship that left scars and how devastating it can be… There were 100 replies and I read every single one of them, [learning] about how everyone felt like they had trust issues because of that one betrayal.” It was at that moment that Jzzy felt comforted realizing that she wasn’t the only one who’s had this sort of an experience.

“It sucks that it happens and that it’s still in your brain. I felt really overwhelmed by that and right away, on my phone on my way home, I wrote down the whole first half of ‘After  Effects,’” she says. The next day, Jzzy found a track on online community Beatstars and recorded parts of the song, which she used as a reference for the final version of “After Effects.” The singer says, “At first, I didn’t want to admit to these feelings at all. I didn’t want to admit that I could be affected and put such an honest song out, so I back-benched it for a while. But later on I realized that being vulnerable is part and parcel of being a true artist.”

“After Effects” includes driving electric guitars, pulsating punk drumming, dynamic changes, trap elements, Jzzy’s cut-throat vocals and hard-hitting lyrics. “This song is for anyone who had a friendship turn sour, and who wishes they could just tell someone for once, let them know what they did and how it affected them, and the anthem-like chorus is about letting it all go.”

Jzzy worked with Los Angeles-based guitarist-producer Adam Neilson on the track, whom she found through online platform SoundBetter. “Adam did an amazing job despite the fact that we were working virtually and in different time zones,” she says.

A music video – shot in the desert in Jaisalmer – that captures the theme of the song has also been released. In the clip, Jzzy is seen burning a book, bashing a car and also spray-painting while simultaneously performing the song.

After growing up in Ajmer, Jzzy is all set to relocate to Los Angeles along with her family. “I’m really excited about being in the thick of it in L.A. All I really want to do is to get on stage and be able to perform,” she says. Although the singer is excited about what lies ahead, she does feel a bit emotional about leaving her home. “The timing of the release of ‘After Effects’ coinciding with me leaving is also a great way to let these feelings from the past go. I’m going to be experiencing so many new things that will shape me and my music that it’s kind of like a now-or-never sort of thing, and I’m so glad I did [this song] because with ‘After Effects,’ I think I have found the kind of music that I want to stick with for a while – out of all the songs I’ve made, this one is the one that’s most me.” 

Watch the music video for “After Effects” below and stream the song on other platforms