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Street Sweeper Social Club

The Ghetto Blaster EP
[Three stars]

Oct 10, 2010

The second release by this rock-rap supergroup ”“ Rage Against the Machine guitar virtuoso Tom Morello and the Coup’s political firebrand-in-chief Boots Riley ”“ has one ace in the hole: a full-fathom cover of LL Cool J’s ”˜Mama Said Knock You Out.’ If any song deserves to be bellowed over an electric-guitar maelstrom, it’s LL’s goofy ode to hip-hop-as-heavyweight-blood-sport. Elsewhere here, Morello and Riley are deserving of respect but sometimes hard to love, as Riley’s sloganeering (”˜Revolution is the new ”˜fuck you!’’) grows tiresome quickly.

Key Track: ”˜Mama Said Knock You Out’

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